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The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town Season 1 Episode 3

The police officially charge Crim with the murder of Mayor Bowman, despite his protests that he doesn’t remember anything, while Coroner Dusty can’t bring himself to do an autopsy on Mayor Bowman. Marilyn Bowman is appointed a grief counselor to help her deal with the mayor’s death, to which she has been drinking heavily. The mayor’s will is read, and it is revealed he has appointed his wife as interim mayor in the event of his death. Death is bored, having no souls to kill, and reflects on the reason he is stuck in Shuckton, where several years ago he spent the night partying & having drunken sex and missing a soul collection the next mourning, that of an aborted baby which instead survived. Bowman’s wake is held, and when several townsfolks start a ruckus over how badly the Mayor actually treated them, Dusty has the lot clear out and proceeded to steal Bowman’s corpse to keep at home. Death goes to Bowman’s funeral, where it is revealed that Rampop can see Death’s true form and communicate telepathically with him. Death apologizes to Rampop for Bowman’s murder, to which Rampop replies that Bowman was a bad man and got what he deserved. Ricky begins his investigation into Bowman’s murder, but is hampered by his fear of leaving his house. Upon looking through the funeral footage for suspects, Ricky notices Death for the first time, which cause Death to come to life on his screen and insult him, scaring Ricky and blowing out the TV.

Episode Title: The Stages of Grief

Air Date: 2010-01-26